Terms and Conditions of Hire are shown below.

All other policies and documentation are available on request.

DEPOSITS – A deposit of £35 – £135 will be payable at the time of confirmation of the booking and is not refundable if the booking is cancelled within one month of the event. Included in the deposit, there is a Damage/Cleaning element which may be returnable. The booking is only confirmed when both the booking form and initial booking deposit have been received. Regretfully, we do not accept bookings for 18thor 21st birthday parties.

INVOICES Balances should be paid at least one week prior to the event. If this payment does not occur then regrettably your booking may be cancelled. (If hiring a Bouncy Castle, a further £15 fee is payable, proof of insurance must also be provided at this time). Returnable Damage and/or Cleaning deposits can be reclaimed by supplying bank details in writing, one week after the event (Assuming the room has been left ready for the next hirer).

ACCESS – The venue will be available from the time booked on the calendar. The magnetic lock on the front door restricts access (PUSH GREEN BUTTON TO EXIT) so if setting up the Hall, the fire doors may be used. PLEASE NOTE YOU MAY LOCK YOURSELVES OUT OTHERWISE! DO NOT UNDO BOLTS ON FRONT DOOR!

BOOKING TIMES – These must include setting up time before the event and access must be arranged with the booking officer. They should also include clearing up time at the end.


HIRING – This includes use of chairs, tables and use of a small hirers kitchen for food preparation, but not cooking, unless an additional payment has been made. (There is also an additional payment for Bouncy Castles). It does not include any sound or electrical equipment. The bar is also included, but must be  requested.

  • TABLES/CHAIRS – Hall – located in cupboard left of stage. Meeting Room – located in cupboard adjacent to room 2 (All should be returned at the end of the event).
  • LIGHTING  There are 4 dimmable rows of lights in Hall, located just through narrow double doors by bar to left (White – PUSH ON/OFF, please turn off at end of event).
  • HEATING – Hall – located high on wall behind curtain between Bar & narrow double doors (use small steps) PLEASE TURN OFF AT END OF EVENT. Meeting Rooms & Lounge – There are 2 wall mounted air source heaters which can be turned on/off via remote on wall. Please turn off at end of event.
  • RUBBISH – All rubbish should be removed to the large bins outside the venue. Brooms are available in Tables/Chairs store at left of stage or in small kitchen. FLOORS should be swept to ensure Cleaning deposit can be returned in full.

DRINKS – These must be bought from the bar (or Community Café, Sat/Sun 10-4pm) Anyone bringing in drinks will be asked to leave. There should be no sale of food or drink unless specifically agreed in writing prior to the event.

DAMAGE – There is a returnable Damage/Cleaning deposit of £100 – £135 payable before the event. The hirer is responsible for any damage to property or persons, however caused, during the period of hire. EMC is insured for any claims arising from its own negligence, but it is recommended that hirers take out their own liability insurance.

RISK ASSESSMENT – The Hirer should carry out a RA of the room(s) hired to ensure the premises are suitable for the planned activities, and to raise awareness of any potential risks to persons expected to attend the event, including children and vulnerable people and to conform to any Government Guidance.

FIRE RISK – Heating and lighting remain under the control of management during the period of hire. Lighted candles or any other naked flames are not permitted. The hirer should make themselves familiar with fire procedures and inform venue staff at the time of booking of any factor which involves extra fire risk.  The hirer agrees to make themselves aware of the fire exits, fire extinguishers, the means of calling the fire brigade and to ensure that the building is evacuated safely in the event of fire. (Muster Point in car Park by Playground)

FIRST AID – There is a First Aid box and Eyewash situated on the wall in the corridor adjacent to the Bar entrance near the large kitchen. Please let the Booking manager know if any items are used so that it can be restocked. There is a Defibrillator outside the venue to the left of the front door (on entry) – to gain access please dial 999 for the code. The ambulance service will also ask for your location – EDWARD MARSH CENTRE, LEGION DRIVE, KINVER, DY7 6ET

CONDUCT – The hirer must make themselves known to the bar staff at the start of any event and is responsible for the proper conduct of persons using the venue.  Drunkenness and/or illegal drug taking will not be tolerated. The hirer must not hold events which support, condone or promote radicalisation, extreme ideology or terrorism. Gambling of any kind is strictly prohibited.

PROPERTY – EMC does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property brought and left in the premises or car park during the period of hire and all property belonging to the hirer or attendees must be immediately removed from the premises at the conclusion of hire at their own expense. All EMC equipment ie tables, chairs etc must be returned to the appropriate storage areas and the floor swept with all rubbish and decorations (if used) removed, ready for the next hirer, to ensure full return of any Damage/Cleaning deposits

ADVERTISING/FLY POSTERS – It is in breach of Local Government Fly Posting legislation to put up posters advertising your event, unless you have obtained temporary permission from District Council and/or County Council for using public space for this purpose.  If you do so without permission, you are liable to be fined. The fine will be sent to you via the EMC who will pass it on to you as you are responsible for where your posters are displayed, and they are your property.

GROUPS – All groups working with young people should have their own insurance and staff checks ie DBS checks which should be up to date and available. The venue accepts no responsibility for this and recommends you seek appropriate advice if unsure.

ADMITTANCE – Management Officers will always have the right of admission without notice. Should a member of staff, before the commencement of the event, believe it is likely to be of an objectionable and undesirable character, they have full power to cancel the booking, return the hire fee, and not be liable for any compensation payment.  Also, any Management Officer present at any function held in the building has the authority to terminate the function in the event of any disturbance or violation of the terms of hire, such as drunkenness or illegal drug taking and may refuse entry to any person. SHOULD IT BECOME NECCESARY TO CANCEL YOUR BOOKING FOR ANY REASON, WE WILL OFFER ALTERNATIVE DATES AND/OR ROOMS AND/OR A REFUND OF ALL MONIES PAID.

EXITING THE VENUE – 12.30am AT THE LATEST!  All Heating/Lighting should be turned off, rubbish removed and doors/windows should be secured. Please check the magnetic lock has engaged on the front door.

PLEASE NOTE – You are hiring a ROOM(S) ONLY (unless agreed otherwise in writing, prior to the event.) There is no allowance for use of the Field or Car Park (other than normal parking or booked field events).