Everything taking place at the Edward Marsh Centre can be seen by anyone at any time on the calendar. If you’d like more information about our facilities, please go to the Hire Us page.

If you’re ready to book our facilities, please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, then click the + to the left of the number of the date you’d like on the calendar below. (Note that the plus sign does not appear on dates before today.)

Please use our system rather than emailing us as your date will immediately be provisionally booked. Don’t forget though, to scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the “save” button. Your booking will then be confirmed by us but in the meantime, no-one will be able to reserve the same time in that room.  You will receive an email from Hallmaster asking you to verify your email address (please check your spam if you don’t see it) – please do so in order to confirm your booking and other important information. Thank you for helping us help you.